From simple websites to complex internal and external systems, we build websites to help your business grow. Working predominantly in Open Source technologies (PHP, MySQL, Javascript, etc.).


Experienced users and coders of Shopify and BigCommerce we can build simple online shops and help you grow them into national or international businesses. From setup and launch to customisation of design and integration into till systems or internal processes.

Booking Systems

Online booking systems allow your business to make money while you sleep - from resource booking to holiday lets or camping, coaching and teaching, if you can package your offering by time or unit, we can add a booking system for you.


Widgets bring the functionality of 3rd party websites / apps / services to your website. Whether it is streaming in your social media, showing off your positive reviews, or allowing your customer to contact you across a variety of platforms, a widget is a simple way of adding interactivity to your website.


Every business has its unique needs - we specialise in bespoke web systems. From small systems managing one part of the business, to complete business systems, we can build websites to help you meet your business needs.

Social Media

Instagram to Facebook, Linked In to Twitter - or maybe you need to use WeChat or Reddit, we can help. We manage marketing for our clients, help them grow networks and integrate web and social.


Traditional or digital, marketing is the life-blood of a business and we can help you build your marekting strategy, write copy, design the marketing and analyse the results.


Running a business can be a lonely job, we provide mentoring to those in management and leadership, helping them to grow, and with their growth, their business.


We live in a visual world, and design is at the heart of how a business presents to its market. From logos to graphic visuals, web templates to print work, we can help create the design you need.


While digital seems to have taken over, print is still as vital as ever and we have over 30 years experience in running print and designing for it.


Hosting is a mystery to most people, but we make it simple - fully managed business hosting on our own servers based in a resilient data-centre with 24/7 monitoring - simple, secure, and we can provide whatever hosting you need.


Your domain is your identity in the world - we register and manage your domains for you - but you own them. Multiple domains or just one, we can manage your needs.

Business Growth

Everything we do is focused on business growth - as well as being experienced web designers / coders, we have over 30 years experience of starting and running businesses and charities, so your website will be built to help your business grow.


It can be easy to be busy with every-day details, however taking time to think strategically about your business is essential - we are experienced at helping businesses through this process.

Brochure Website

Brochure websites are a simple step into a professional look for your company - simple, static, affordable and able to tell your customers everything they need to know about your business.

Template Website

Template websites are a cheap entry into having a professional look online. We use a pre-designed template and adapt it to your colour, brand and content. A quick route to a mobile-friendly responsive website.


A Content Management System is an easy way for you to be able to maintain your own website with no technical expertise, based on our own Flarebox system you can have a simple CMS or we can build bespoke modules to allow you to run anything your business needs.


Intelligent websites are those which automate processes for you, from changing content through the year to sophisticated code that builds websites which automatically personalise for the customers who is viewing.


An API is an automated interface between two websites allowing them to exchange data. From HMRC to Google, EBAY to Facebook or Instagram, we can plug into 1000s of APIs allowing you to automate your business.


With access to stock libraries, there is always a cheap and professional option for your website, however where a more personalised or unique result is needed bespoke photography and video can be provided.


Blogs which allow you to engage with your customers on a more personal level can be time consuming. We build the blog tools, help you work out the strategy and can even provide photos and copy.


Easy to install, easy to use - wordpress can give you a quick good introduction to your commercial website - we can install / manage / tweak / look after your wordpress system.


SEO has several areas and we can help with each of them. We start by optimising your website, and then we work with you to build off-site marketing analysis and action taking SEO beyond the simple to become more effective for your business. It is not just about where you rank on Google, but getting the right people to engage with you.


Multi-lingual websites allow your message and brand to be more accessible to visitors from around the world. From options to move between language versions, to multiple languages on the same page and auto-detection to pre-set language depending on visitor territory and giving the visitor the option to set their own default language