Selling online

eCommerce is the growth sector of websites, with online retail exploding and more people wanting to shop from home, eCommerce systems exist to make it easy for you to build an online retail presence.

Why use us?

Setting up an eCommerce business takes a lot of time and energy. We can help by doing the technical side, and helping with design and marketing. The core elements of an eCommerce system can be easy to use, but once you start to need more complex settings, or need to modify the code, then we can help you achieve the sales site you need. From coding tweaks to design changes, work on a hosted eCommerce system to work on your website integrating retail into the heart of your brand, we can help.

Cloud Systems

Fast to set up and easy to use, cloud based eCommerce has taken over as the normal solution for SMEs. There are a number of solutions available, but the two that dominate this space are BigCommerce and Shopify. These systems can be set up in hours, and once you have loaded up your items for sale, you can open to the public and take sales. Typically they include what you need to get going, have various templates for look and feel, and lots of integration options.

Ideal for a quick startup solution which can grow with you until you are a medium size business. Click below to see som of the systems we use

Hosted Systems

Cloud systems have monthly costs, a hosted system is generally free, or a fixed cost, so it is an attractive option for those on a tiny budget. More commonly though, there is a lot more flexibility for modification and integration, so they are an ideal solution where the eCommerce is one aspect of a more complex process based website. Even then, it can be better to use a cloud system and its API for integration, but the options are there.

Ideal for free, or more complex systems. See below for some of the systems we use.

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